Social Studies

Touch Curriculum

Moby Social Studies takes full advantage of MobyMax’s innovative Touch Curriculum™ technology. The ability to interact with the curriculum increases both engagement and retention. Students can create national flags, identify states and capitals on maps, reposition events on timelines, and much more.

Complete Coverage of Social Studies Standards

The social studies content in each grade is organized into four major domains: history, geography, government, and economics. Teachers will find that the curriculum covers almost all state standards as well as the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies published by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS).

Essential Social Studies Skills and Practices

In addition to core content, Moby Social Studies also covers essential social studies skills and practices. Here are a few examples of skills and practices covered throughout Moby Social Studies.

Map skills

  •  Cardinal Directions
  •  Using a map scale
  •  Using longitude and latitude
  •  Reading an elevation map

Study Skills

  •  Identify cause and effect
  •  Summarize
  •  Draw conclusions
  •  Distinguish between fact and opinion
  •  Categorize and classify

Graphs, Charts, and Tables

  •  Read a flowchart
  •  Create a bar graph
  •  Read a pictograph
  •  Create a timeline

Citizenship skills

  •  Resolve a conflict
  •  The American Flag
  •  The Pledge of Allegiance
  •  Make a choice by voting

Inquiry-Based Learning With Cognitive Skill Manipulatives

As Moby’s second Touch Curriculum™ subject, cognitive skill manipulatives are at the core of Moby Social Studies. Cognitive skill maipulatives are engaging, rigorous, and interactive problem types that utilize over 35 different cognitive skills to encourage students to explore, discover, and think through concepts on their own rather than simply memorizing facts and dates. In addition to being extremely engaging, cognitive skill manipulatives also push students to develop critical thinking skills, become better problem solvers, and develop a deeper understanding of social studies content. Cognitive skill manipulatives make learning fun again.

Built-In Formative Assessments and Immediate Feedback

Formative assessment is at the core of all MobyMax subjects. To maximize learning, both students and teachers need to be able to quickly and accurately diagnose mastery. In Moby Social Studies, we’ve made the formative assessment process both constant and seamless. As students progress through each lesson in Moby Social Studies, they work through cognitive skill manipulatives that allow them to constantly assess their understanding and gain immediate feedback. At the end of each lesson, there is a short quiz section that assesses all key points in the lesson and gives students and teachers a quick snapshot of mastery.

Built-In Summative Assessments

In Moby Social Studies, we also wanted to build summative assessments directly into the teaching and learning cycle, making it easier for both teachers and students. To achieve this, Moby Social Studies includes a summative test at the end of each chapter. These tests cover all of the key points from the lessons contained within the chapter and automatically update progress monitoring data on the teacher and student dashboards. Teachers don’t need to assign them, and students can take them “in rhythm” as they finish each chapter. The summative tests are both efficient and effective, providing excellent mastery data for teachers and students alike.

Vocabulary review

Vocabulary is an important part of any social studies curriculum. However, simply memorizing terms does little for student understanding. Knowing this, Moby Social Studies focuses on using and applying vocabulary terms in context. Each lesson in Moby Social Studies introduces key vocabulary terms in context, employs cognitive skill manipulatives to allow students to practice and apply vocabulary terms, and finally reviews all vocabulary at the end of each lesson. Learning vocabulary in this way is not only more engaging, but also leads to deeper understanding of terms and higher retention.


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