MobyMax Debuts Early Reading Curriculum for Tablets

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By Joshua Bolkan

MobyMax has released a new subject, Early Reading Trio, in its Touch Curriculum series for tablets.

Early reading is designed to engage students with words in three different ways across three different modules. In the first, Early Words, students learn sound-letter correspondences and the phonetic sounds they will encounter in the second module. Next, in Early Stories, students use the words they learned in the previous module to supply the correct choices in a series of sentences. In those first two modules, students practice with words until they reach fluency, which can be adjusted by a teacher. In Early Writing, the final module, students drag and drop words and pictures to create their own stories.

Each module can be used on its own or with the other two.

“MobyMax’s Early Reading Trio helps teachers build a solid reading foundation for all students,” said Bon Air Middle School educator Jody Hutcheson, in a prepared statement. “The Trio empowers students to practice with letter sounds and new words through interaction to write their own stories, as well as increasing their reading proficiency and fluency.”

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