MobyMax Personalized Learning Curriculum for K-8 Students

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By Monica Burns | December 6, 2016 

Are you looking for a K-8 curriculum? MobyMax offers a personalized learning curriculum for elementary and middle school students. Designed for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade, MobyMax provides students with personalized and blended learning resources. MobyMax includes curriculum support in different subject areas including math, writing, science, social studies, reading and state test preparation.

MobyMax also offers curriculum that addresses phonics, language, and vocabulary. MobyMax provides a comprehensive solution for schools that includes diagnostic testing, assessments, and progress monitoring. You’ll also find that MobyMax has a student response system and whiteboard activities, as well as student motivation through prizes, badges, and games. MobyMax’s mission is to create a global, research-powered curriculum so any child can learn twice as fast without obstacles getting in the way. 

MobyMax Student-Driven Learning from MobyMax on Vimeo.

 MobyMax Personalized Learning Curriculum for K-8 Students

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The team at MobyMax designed a personalized learning curriculum to identify areas where students need help. Their curriculum is adaptive and puts together a plan for individual students that is personalized to their needs. This means students who are working towards mastering curriculum goals, students who are on grade level, and students who are working above grade-level expectations can each receive the support they need. This can help immensely with the work teachers are already doing to differentiate instruction for their students.

I’m a huge believer in the power of technology to provide formative assessment data for teachers. Technology tools make it easier for teachers to efficiently monitor student progress – and figure out who needs extra support. MobyMax provides this data in realtime so teachers can make decisions on interventions for whole class, small groups and individual students right away.

When you jump into MobyMax you’ll also find diagnostic tests teachers can use to gauge the areas where students demonstrate strengths and areas where they’ll need additional support. The diagnostic tests built into MobyMax provide assessment data on student proficiency on individual standards. Their platform also automatically assigns the lessons to target areas where students show they need extra support in skill growth.

Learn more about MobyMax by visiting their website!

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