Touch Curriculum

Read Aloud

Accessibility for all students
Moby is made for every student. With this goal in mind, every problem, answer choice, text and answer feedback in Moby's curriculum can be read aloud to students with the click of a button. In addition, students and teachers can adjust their settings so that Moby automatically reads problems aloud.

Answer Feedback

Instantly learn from mistakes
Research shows that immediate feedback is one of the most effective ways to increase learning. When students can see exactly where they made a mistake immediately after answering a problem, it gives them the ability to learn from and correct the error moving forward. Every single problem in Moby's curriculum has instant feedback for students.

Touch Manipulatives

Interactive and engaging learning
Multiple choice is easy to grade, but students need to interact with concepts on a deeper level to truly demonstrate learning. Moby is pioneering interactive touch curriculum with new problem type and activities for students. Not only are students more engaged, they learn better and faster touch curriculum. Best of all, it's designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with tablets and mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.

Short Answers

Writing across curriculum
Free response questions give students valuable practice analyzing problems, constructing logical responses, and honing the writing skills. The problem is finding the time to grade all the writing! Moby goes above and beyond to make sure students benefit from short answer questions without burying teachers in hours of grading. Teachers have a built-in interface for grading all short answers responses, exemplars on every question to show exactly what a great answer should include, and preloaded corrections that teachers can drag and drop directly onto student writing.


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