Fact Fluency

Fast Fact Fluency

Fact Fluency's adaptive instruction enables students to develop math fact fluency quickly. From students who are acquiring facts rapidly to those who are struggling to catch up, Fact Fluency is a must for all students.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

You can assign or let Moby assign fact sets for a student to practice. After a student has mastered all of the fact sets, Moby can still keep their fluency skills sharp by mixing all four types of facts together for practice.

Complete Teacher Control

You control the number of minutes the student practices each day, the amount of time given for each problem, and which fact set to practice. Or not. Moby automatically can assess the student's missing facts to practice!

Identify Missing Facts Skills

Moby pre-assesses the student's fact knowledge as well as continually keeps their fluency skills sharp. The Fact Fluency Table shows you quickly what a student has mastered with color coding that tells you how many consecutive times the student has answered the fact correctly.

Feedback and Read Aloud

All problems have instant feedback, and the student can listen to the problem as well. A specially designed keyboard for fast input is available for tablets!


You can easily see a student's practice as well as determine how much a student has practiced.


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