Phonics Spelling

Word List Curated by Phonics Experts

The word list that MobyMax uses for phonics spelling has been hand curated to cover every major spelling convention and phonics rule. Each group of words focuses on a single skill or rule, giving the student ample opportunity to practice each skill and recognize patterns. As the student progresses through the word list, old skills are periodically reviewed to ensure retention.

Core Vocabulary

Phonics Spelling covers over 4400 of the most common words in the English language. Students who can accurately and fluently decode these words have a much greater chance of achieving success in reading.

Students Learn Quickly

Phonics Spelling helps students correct their mistakes as they practice.

Progress Monitoring and Real-Time Data

Like all MobyMax curriculum, student progress is continuously monitored, allowing teachers to track student growth, reinforce areas of weakness, and easily share students’ success with parents, administrators and the student.


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