Reading Skills Literature

Literature Skills

Literature Skills teach the specific skills of reading such as identifying the main idea. Each reading skills lesson breaks the Common Core reading standards into small, achievable skills with a Teach Me lesson and targeted practice problems. It includes hundreds of lessons that teach fundamental critical reading skills for both literature and information articles.

Progress Monitoring

Monitoring student results and progress is easy. Progress is measured using the Common Core standards for literature and informational reading skills.

Teach Me, Feedback and Read Aloud

All lesson topics start with an animated Teach Me lesson. All problems have instant feedback and all parts of the problem have a read-aloud icon so that students can listen as well as read.

IEP Reporting

IEP goals based on the common core standards can be set in minutes. Moreover, attainment of goals is automatically recorded as the student progresses and achieves each goal.

Short Answers

Short Answer problems prepare students in grades 3-8 to practice critical thinking and writing skills necessary for open-ended standardized test questions. Best of all, Moby's unique automated grading system makes editing student responses almost easy!


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