Writing Workshop

Writing, Demystified

Writing Workshop makes writing fun and easy. Bite-sized lessons break down writing assignments into simple steps, allowing students to focus on and improve every aspect of their writing. Direct instruction, modeling, and hands-on practice ensure that your students will build strong writing skills at their own pace.

Project-Based Learning

Each Writing Workshop lesson guides students through every step of the writing process as they create a complete writing project. With the help of exemplary models and scaffolded practice, students learn to brainstorm, draft, revise, and edit their own writing projects. Just assign a workshop and watch what your students create!!

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

Writing Workshop gives teachers the power to assign comprehensive projects in all three writing types outlined in the common core: persuasive, expository, and narrative. Teachers can choose from personal narratives, science fiction stories, research papers, persuasive speeches, and more! Writing Workshop makes it easy to teach any type of writing in any subject area.

Progress Monitoring

No more stacks of nameless papers and missing assignments! Moby keeps everything organized and tracked online. It’s quick and easy to view and respond to your students’ work at each step of the writing process, making grading a breeze. Plus, Moby will keep track of standards mastery for you!

Common Core-Aligned

Each Writing Workshop lesson is built up from the common core, allowing your students to practice writing standards in context. All workshops delve into multiple standards, making standards mastery simple and straightforward.


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